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Monday, July 05, 2004



I finally got around to downloading Mozilla Firefox, and – my God! – what an improvement over Internet Explorer. You’d think I just went from dial up to broadband (and I’ve had a DSL connection for years now).

Oh, and folks: and it’s painlessly, stupidly easy. It imports saved passwords and bookmarks, so even crap like a “My Yahoo” page survives intact – and all of the bookmarks convert (even getting alphabetized in the process…).

Instantly, some of the odd aberrant browser behaviors*, such as IE’s occasional refusal to navigate within the NY Times site, or the “Reply” function in Hotmail failing, have gone away. These annoyances, along with the recently announced security problem in IE, finally got me to make the change.

If this posts in blogger, without that function hosing, well then, that’s another problem solved.

In short, if you’re still using IE – go, now, and get Firefox.

*In Micosoft's world, there is no such thing as a software bug: instead, they deploy a distinct hierarchy of euphemisms, ranging from the "known issue" to the "undocumented behavior."


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