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Thursday, June 03, 2004


VP Speculation

There’s no shortage of VP speculation lately, including this series, so I’ll go on record with a few comments:
  1. Kerry/McCain is a non-starter. Yes, I understand the fascination. But don’t be fooled. McCain wants to move his party back towards the center, and wants to be the leader who does it. If Kerry wins, McCain could be a likely opponent in ’08, unless Kerry puts him in a cabinet position first.

  2. I’d like to think that the choice will be John Edwards or Bill Richardson. Both are good choices, and since Edwards isn’t running for re-election, and Richardson is a governor, neither choice would endanger an existing Senate seat. But it’s tough to square that thought with the feeling that the eventual choice, like many of Kerry’s positions, will manage to be both vaguely disappointing and somehow still acceptable. Given the obviously horrendous Republican alternative, we’ll all embrace it.

  3. In other words, I really haven’t a clue. So here are a few of the attributes I’d like to see in the VP pick: charismatic, capable of speaking in short sentences, attractive to swing voters, smart enough to demolish Cheney in the debate(s), and able to be aggressive without appearing mean. Of course, that would be John Edwards, which would blow my “vaguely disappointing” theory. But I could live with that…

Your thoughts?


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