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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Tenet Out

"For Personal Reasons."

Only no one is buying it. Notice the pains in most stories to place the claim in quotes, or preface it with "says" or "claims."

I couldn't help noticing the sequence of events in Bush's official statement: after a "good visit" last night, Tenet submitted a letter of resignation "today." Left unanswered was whether Bush's statement, or Tenet's letter, was drafted first.

[Update: Spencer Ackerman has the most plausible explanation I've read so far, which I offer with two caveats: (1) The only ones who know the truth (Bush, Tenet, and a few close aides) have obvious reasons to spin the story, no matter what the truth may be;(2)everyone is else is just speculating. So take all of it with ample salt -- even if a lot of folks appear to agree.]


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