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Friday, June 11, 2004


Obsidian Wings

While I suspect I should have added these folks to my blogroll long ago -- some of the recent stuff over at Obsidian Wings has particularly impressed me.

Two recent posts expand nicely on some of the themes we've been following here at Digestible News. The most recent is this neat summary of the drip-drip-drip of the Abu Ghraib scandal. There's much good in the piece, but you've gotta love the characterization of the Torture Memo as "advice that a half drunk first year law student could debunk between bong hits."

Another, from late yesterday, focuses on Bush's "Non-denial Denials" during yesterday's press conference -- quotes a lot of the same material that I did in my post on the same topic yesterday, and adds some interesting observations:

The administration will not release the memo to Congress, or say whether they adopted its findings, or discuss it in any way. So these answers tell us nothing.

The fact that the President won't give a meaningful answer, perhaps tells us something. The fact that the Democrats on Judiciary are not sure they'll find one G.O.P. Senator to cross the aisle and officially request the memo, according to this AP story, perhaps tells us something. The fact that Orrin Hatch told the AP that releasing the memos would "cause the deaths of our young people ... by publicizing something that shouldn't be publicized," perhaps tells us something.

Go check it out.


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