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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


The Diplomats’ Rebuke

The BBC has the story, and Joe Conason breaks it down for you:

The hallowed rule among America's professional diplomats is to avoid involvement in domestic politics, especially during an election year.

They regard partisanship as poisonous to the trust that an elected President must repose in them to execute U.S. policy abroad, and to their own careers as well. They hope to maintain influence and status no matter which party holds power. Their habit of speaking carefully and quietly tends to continue even into retirement.

Diplomats rarely act like dissidents.

So it was extraordinary to learn that on June 16, a group of 26 distinguished former Foreign Service and military officers plans to issue an urgent, explicit call for Americans to eject George W. Bush on Election Day. Although their brief statement does not endorse John Kerry, the implication will be plain enough. (None of them is likely to vote for Ralph Nader.)
Of note: according to the BBC, the bi-partisan group of 26 career diplomats and former generals “deliberately excluded” “known critics” of the administration.


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