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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


New York's Olympic Bid

After hearing the news that New York has made the final cut for the 2012 Olympics, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. George Pataki declared, according to Newsday, that “they would do ‘whatever is necessary’ to make New York City the most appealing host to the IOC.”

Really? Whatever? Then I have a suggestion....

If you honestly, seriously want to win the right to host the Olympics – then there’s one little detail we’ll need to take care of first, before the final vote comes up next year.

Bear in mind, first of all, that we are not in the lead, not by any stretch of the imagination. In the published scoring, Paris is leading, followed closely by Madrid, then London, and only then New York. That's right, we're in fourth place. In a horse race, that's called "out of the money."

We have a challenge ahead of us – and we can’t just count on the European votes to cancel each other out. To win, we’ll have to overcome a little problem that Crain's points out: “widespread Anti-American sentiment.”

And we all know where that comes from.

So Mr. Mayor, Mr. Governor, here is your assignment: help us get rid of George Bush.

Yes, I know you’re both Republicans, but remember that you both got elected in one of the most Democratic states in the union. The voters will forgive you, even if some of your fellow Republicans may not. After all (and this means you, Mr. Mayor), it's not as if you've never switched parties before.

You'd be doing the right thing for your city, for your state, and for the voters. And here’s a detail that will warm your conservative little cockles: you'd also be doing the right thing for business.

Honestly, it’s a no-brainer. Let’s face it: this isn’t the only area where “anti-American sentiment” stands to hurt us, directly, in our wallets. And the best (and possibly only) way to start turning the problem around is by soundly repudiating George Bush.

There's no doubt you'd be helping our Olympic bid -- and you'd certainly win my respect.


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