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Friday, May 28, 2004


Mmmm. Diseased Lobster.

It could just be me. But somehow the phrase "diseased but not inedible" -- coupled with the blithe assurance that the "baffling" condition "doesn't affect the meat" -- doesn't exactly whet my appetite:
A baffling disease that makes lobsters ugly, but not inedible, has crept northward from the Buzzards Bay hotspot where it's afflicted lobsters for several years.

The numbers of infected lobsters are far too tiny to cause panic, but researchers and lobstermen are weary of the disease's progress. The disease doesn't affect the meat, but a lobster with a corroded, blackened shell is a tough sell.

"You go and spend $8 for a lobster, you want a good-looking lobster," said Edward Heaphy, a lobsterman of 50 years from Dover, N.H.

In 1998, diseased lobsters began filling traps in the Buzzards Bay area, off the coast of southeastern Massachusetts. Almost a quarter of all lobsters sampled by the state in the bay that year had the disease, known as shell burn.

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