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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Jesus's General Writes to the Editor

I posted yesterday,here and here, on the matter of the Wisonsin newspaper that was soliciting pro-Bush letters in the name of "balance," in the hope that a few folks might, um, answer the call. Here's the General's contribution:
Dear Editor,

I support George W. Bush's visionary plan to turn the Middle East into one large terrorist incubator. His daily efforts to fuel that region's hatred of Americans has been wildly successful. Thanks to the President's bold leadership, there are now more American-hating terrorists on the loose than at any other time in our history.

Eventually, every single resident of the Middle East who could possibly become a terrorist, will be one. Then, it's just a matter of time until we round them all up and end the threat of terrorism once and for all.

JC Christian, patriot

Even the papers own local readers, in what (correct me if I'm wrong here) was apparently once pro-Bush territory, have already been unloading:
If you are receiving so many letters, indicating an imbalance of opinions, it is because your readers feel they need to do your job for you. They are telling you that there isn’t enough public scrutiny of this administration’s policies and actions.


I say thank you to all those who write critical letters about this president. I can assure you that many, many more are needed.

We can probably give these guys a break at these point, and go back to writing our own local editors....

[UPDATE: The chastened editors of the piece that set all this in motion have a follow-up, here.]

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