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Monday, May 17, 2004


It's never too soon to beg...

...and other template updates. I'm considering a major template overhaul -- but I haven't gotten around to tackling it just yet. I'm sure I will, eventually -- but in the meantime, I've made a few of the more essential changes:

  1. I've added one of those Paypal "donate" buttons on the upper right. Mind you, I'm not expecting to get rich this way -- but then I'm not exactly rolling in dough at this point, and blogging does take some time. Suffice it to say that anything you might care to contribute to this little enterprise would be greatly appreciated. If nothing else, I'd really love to know that the damned button works. So if you care to, it's there.

  2. The "Recent Posts" section now has the right code to update itself automatically, so it really does show the most recent stuff. This should be helpful for folks who come looking for something I wrote a few days ago -- though the downside is that some of the links to my favorite earlier stuff are now gone. Well, there's still the archive...

  3. There's now a separate set of links to the recipes. This, as it turns out, may be an incentive for me to post recipes more often -- and also guarantees that the recipes won't be consigned to archive oblivion before anyone gets around to trying them.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging....


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