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Thursday, May 20, 2004


Go read this, now

Hal Crowther, of North Carolina's Independent, manages to contain his fury just well enough, and just long enough, to deliver a lucid summation of the Bush presidency. I'll quote just his close -- but read every word:
I don't think it's accurate to describe America as polarized between Democrats and Republicans, or between liberals and conservatives. It's polarized between the people who believe George Bush and the people who do not. Thanks to some contested ballots in a state governed by the president's brother, a once-proud country has been delivered into the hands of liars, thugs, bullies, fanatics and thieves. The world pities or despises us, even as it fears us. What this election will test is the power of money and media to fool us, to obscure the truth and alter the obvious, to hide a great crime against the public trust under a blood-soaked flag. The most lavishly funded, most cynical, most sophisticated political campaign in human history will be out trolling for fools. I pray to God it doesn't catch you.

And once again, a nod of thanks to JJ over at The Daily Cookie, without whom I could have easily missed this gem. Now, go read.

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