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Monday, May 24, 2004


A few questions about the Speech

Yes, that speech. These are for you, GW:

  1. Why is "help establish the stability and security that democracy requires" the second step in your five step plan? If it wasn't the first, what have been doing there for the past year?

  2. Why do have to wait until we build a "modern, maximum security prison" before we can tear down Abu Ghraib? Haven't we already admitted that 70-90% of the prisoners don't really need be there? Are you seriously suggesting that we should continue to operate this symbol of oppression while we spend untold US tax dollars on a new prison?

  3. And just out of curiousity -- you wouldn't happen to know who's going to get the contract to build that prison? It couldn't possibly be ... Halliburton? Just asking....

I could go on, but somehow I don't think the world will suffer from a crippling commentary shortage if I just stop here.


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