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Saturday, May 29, 2004


Feasting at the Schadenfreude Buffet

Billmon, after a brief hiatus, is back in fine form.
I must confess that I spent a good part of my week off feasting at the schadenfreude buffet – and many good things to eat and drink did I find there, including such delicacies as skewered neocon, fricasseed Judith Miller, fried huevos de Sanchez (and you know I’m not talking about eggs), Republicans on the half shell (or in Denny Hastert’s case, on the half wit) and, last but certainly not least, Shrub-a-la-road, smothered in Max Factor.

The ability to cackle with delight at the misfortunes of others certainly isn’t the most attractive human quality, but given the events of the past year – and the great geysers of noxious slime spewed out over that time by the conservative agitprop machine – I think I can be forgiven my moment of weakness. It’s not every week you see the tracks completely come off the GOP tank.

This is not just a good post: it's essential reading.


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