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Thursday, May 27, 2004


Bush and Kerry alike on Iraq?

Did it strike you as odd that, on the same day the NYT was running their now-famous Mea Culpa piece, they were peddling the notion that Kerry's and Bush's Iraq policies are "broadly indistinguishable"? As if their rhetoric should be the deciding factor?

This claim, from yesterday's Times, made my head spin:
They still differ on some details, and Kerry continues to assert that Bush has lost so much credibility around the world that only a new president can rally other nations to provide the necessary assistance, a point he made on Tuesday while campaigning in Oregon.

That dismissive "continues to assert" effectively discards one of the largest and most obvious differences between the two candidates -- as if "credibility around the world" were a minor point.

I could go on -- but conveniently, there's a good rundown already out there. Thanks to a tip from Mr. Skippy, we find this excellent guest post over at Liberal Oasis, with further comments on the same article:
NYT also ran yesterday a separate piece suggesting that Bush’s repositioning makes it much harder for Kerry to take advantage of Bush’s political crisis.

That assumes that Kerry needs to stake out a dramatic policy difference with Bush rather than a dramatic ability difference.

Kerry needn’t risk taking a supposed politically expedient position on Iraq.

This is Bush’s war and, to paraphrase a man who was once considered to have had integrity, Bush broke it, it’s his responsibility to fix it and so far, he hasn’t come close to convincing anyone that he has the ability to even stop breaking it.

The Times would do well to heed Molly Ivins' advice, and pay more attention to what the man does, and less to what he says.


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