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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Blogging Around

Ryan Lizza brings us up-to-date on yet another White House revolving door.

The History News Network brings us a survey of 415 historians on the Bush Presidency. The verdict: 81% rate it a failure; 15% call it the “worst ever;” with overwhelming majorities picking either worse than Nixon, or worse than someone earlier than Nixon

Salon gives me a reason to go back to the movie theaters.

TBogg neatly sums up the latest in Homeland Security planning.

Skippy reminds us that it’s Don’t Buy Gas day (not exactly the greatest of challenges for yours truly, since I live in Manhattan and don’t have a car).

Carlson and Toles illustrate the Chain of Command.

Uggabugga highlights, literally, William Safire’s use of scare words – a piece Josh Marshall calls a “clotted mix of discredited ridiculousness, slurs, false claims of racism, disinformation and lies.”


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