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Friday, May 28, 2004


A Better Way to Play the Rising Oil Price Problem

A week ago, I went off on the astonishingly amateurish flash ad put out by the Kerry Campaign, "The House of Oil."

Today, Luke Francl points out a refreshingly professional, hard-hitting ad, put out by The Campaign for America's Future. The ad demonstrates nicely what can be done with essentially the same material. Go watch.

Essentially -- everything that the Kerry campaign got wrong -- these guys do right. The visuals are strong, the sound track powerful and appropriate, the message focused, clear, and absolutely unmistakable.

More to the point, the message is correctly calibrated, planting the right associations without undermining itself by making weak or unnecessary claims. Sensibly, they steer clear of "blaming" bush for higher oil prices -- opting instead to connect a few of the most damning & irrefutable dots. That's enough.


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