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Monday, April 19, 2004

Your's Truly in the New York Times

Okay, it's just a letter to the editor, but I'll take it. Here it is, from yesterday's magazine section:

Not the Marrying Kind

Cora Daniels's Lives column (April 4) made a powerful argument for the institution of marriage and, in the process, illustrates just why marriage is so important for same-sex couples. The fate of her widowed mother, ignored by the law after 30 years of living together but not being married, says everything.

Sadly, it is precisely at those moments that few of us like to think about, and that fewer plan for sufficiently, that the value of civil marriage becomes most clear. If a legal spouse becomes seriously ill or dies, the surviving partner can fall back on a host of ready-made legal protections. Same-sex couples are not so fortunate; and unlike Cora's mother, they don't yet have the option to marry, even if they so choose.

If there's a better argument for broader marriage rights, frankly, it eludes me.
Ned Hudson
New York


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