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Monday, April 12, 2004

Oh yeah....the Food Section

I didn’t quite get around to writing a food section over the weekend, so instead I’ll put in a quick plug for a cookbook that I happen to like a great deal: Staff Meals from Chanterelle, by David Waltuck and Melicia Phillips.

It’s a fine example of that most rare & welcome of anomalies, a cookbook by a great chef that – instead of showcasing elaborate restaurant preparations – focuses on real food. The recipes are simple crowd-pleasers -- what the authors call “four-star family fare” -- put together with the kind of eye for detail that turns everyday meals into extraordinary events. A few examples: beef short ribs braised in beer; oven-roasted barbecued ribs; chicken with forty cloves of garlic; smothered pork chops; deviled crab cakes; Chinese meatballs (with ginger, asian seasonings, and bok choy); Pad Thai; Vidalia onion fritters; Manhattan Buffalo Wings; Half-inch high buttermilk pancakes. In short, it’s simply loaded with stuff you’ll want to cook.

The book is not new (it's been out since 2000), so get a copy now, before this gem disappears from the shelves.


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