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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Bush in the Headlights

This signature line, from commentor Trix over at Kos, sums up my initial reaction pretty well: "If you're not completely appalled, then you haven't been paying attention." For anyone who may have missed last night's question-and-avoiding-the-answer spectacle, this condensed version, via Billmon, may help. Wonkette boils it down even further:

Short Bush News Conference: If my answers cannot distract you from the miserable failure that is the Bush foreign policy, perhaps my tie will.

Let's look a few numbers first:

Ezra Klein, at Pandagon, makes a valiant effort to sum it all up:

He said nice words we like to hear. He put on a determined face that we like to see. And he said that everything was under control, go back to your lives. He dodged questions and ignored reality. He was asked to explain his actions but he instead explained his feelings. He pretended to talk about America and instead spoke about himself. His rhetoric was lofty, his convictions on display, but tonight he was no President.

Bush was obviously flummoxed -- stumbling and meandering, while seeming to hammer away almost angrily at his square-peg convictions, as if it were the height of impertinence to question him at all. "Round hole? Well let me step back and review my thinking...."


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