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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

More on Clarke's Successors

Among the difficulties of writing about anything related to the Bush administration is the fact that one quickly discovers the story is larger, and worse, than you had imagined. My last post, for instance, brought a comment from astute reader DeepThought42, who directed my attention to some of the more fascinating links between General Wayne Downing and Ahmed Chalabi:

[Downing] was a lobbyist for Chalabi's INC, and he has ties to a Defense Contractor who's of course tied to the Iraq. He's nothing but a profiteer at this point although he may have been an honorable man once.

A little googling yielded up more. From Tom Paine, just last week, there’s a piece called “Chalabi’s Secret PR Shop." A sample:

The two CIA officials, Dewey Clarridge and Wayne Downing, are both retired, and they're now on the payroll of The Rendon Group, a firm long associated with U.S. covert operations in Iraq. Both have been seen recently in Baghdad. Clarridge, a key CIA participant in the Iran-Contra affair of the mid-1980s, was spotted wearing a jacket with the word "Contra" on the back. Downing, a former Bush administration official and longtime covert operations specialist, plotted with the neocons to demand an invasion of Iraq during the 1990s, especially after 9/11. During that time, he worked closely with Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress on a fanciful plan to support an INC-led paramilitary effort to overthrow Saddam Hussein. (Boldface in original.)

Chalabi’s own entanglements, of course, are enough to make otherwise healthy synapses curl and sputter. If you need a refresher course, you may want to refer to this handy diagram, from the ever-helpful Uggabugga. While this is nothing compared to the Chart on W, you get the picture.

Meanwhile, the Slime Team is worried about Clarke's motives. Sheesh.


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