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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Hate Crimes

Yow. Take a look at this, from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs :

"In the six months of 2003 from the Supreme Court's Lawrence decision through the end of the year, NCAVP member organizations charted a 24% increase in anti-LGBTH incidents when we compared the same time period in 2002," said Clarence Patton, NCAVP's Acting Executive Director.

"This included a 120% increase in Chicago, a 133% increase in Colorado, a 43% increase in New York, and a 14% increase in San Francisco. Even more significantly, in a number of these regions, significant downward trends reversed themselves after the Lawrence decision, resulting in a total increase in incidents for the full year" added Patton.

And those are just the statistics.

[UPDATE: I've edited this post to remove the scary description of an incident in Georgia, for the sound reason that the story has not been confirmed. Apologies that I did not check this more carefully before posting it. You can follow the link for updates, but for now let's say I'm relieved.]


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