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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Deflating the Texas Soufflé

Stirling Newberry, a very capable commentator not known for brevity, has thoughtfully provided a nice graph of the new Rasmussen poll, (see “Speaking of Clarke…,” below), along with a detailed post here, on the tanking of the Bush reputation. His conclusion is magnificent:

There are many who do not yet want to believe, but the arc of the last year has forced them to be willing to believe. These people wobble in their loyalties. The polls show the truth, they have already abandoned the current Executive Branch on the question of the economy, if they become convinced that Iraq, and indeed the national security apparatus, is, likewise, a sham, the[y] will turn on the Executive with a brutality which only the disillusioned know.

Something devoutly to be wished....

...Billmon has more on this, here


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