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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Condi-related Coverage Activities, Special Awards Edition

For forthright honesty in a headline: Sean Aday, of the Gadflyer, for “He Said, She Lied.”

Most entertaining headline: Brad Delong, for “It’s a Circular Firing Squad of Flying Attack Monkeys.” Don’t miss the accompanying Tom Toles cartoon.

Most telling photo selection, Kevin Drum, who notes, “I certainly understand why Rice has been looking so pissed lately.” (No graphics yet on this site, so do follow the link.)

Most entertaining animated presentation: Wonkette, for inspiring the Sloganator Memorial Presentation. (Okay, it doesn’t even mention Condi, but it was just too funny not to include.)

Most imaginative use of unread review books, to the The Center for American Progress, for this Contest Challenge:

Prove you're better than The Progress Report! Send any instance of Rice, Cheney or Bush uttering the words "al Qaeda" or "bin Laden" in public between 1/20/01 and 9/10/01 to pr@americanprogress.org. The first person to submit a successful entry (which we can verify) will receive a free copy of "Deliver Us From Evil" by Fox News Anchor Sean Hannity signed by the members of the Progress Report team.

I’m sure that there’s a lot more out there that I’ve missed altogether, but here are a few other must-reads: Spencer Ackerman, at The New Republic; Martin Sieff, at Salon, and “Clarke Withstands Scrutiny,” from the same issue of The Progress Report linked above.

Finally, via Tom and Lambert over at Corrente ("Profiles in Bush League Courage"), we hear that Condi wants to clear up "a number of mischaracterizations." Privately, and not under oath.

What I can't figure out is why forty-plus percent of the public still wants to vote for these clowns....

UPDATE: I somehow missed this, from TBogg:

Putting Condoleeza Rice on TV is not one of the administration's best moves. She comes across as shifty, defensive, and thin-skinned (possibly because she is shifty, defensive, and thin-skinned), so it comes as no surprise that she wants to talk about 9/11...in private:


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